About us

                OUR STORY

We are Yogini Divine Living Co. We create beautiful things we love and use in our own lives so you can bring them into yours. From Torquay in Victoria we are passionate about life and love, we find our inspiration through travel and stylish beach side living. Our first collection is Yogini Mandalas, inspired from our travels through India where each morning we would watch the women decorate their homes, floors and surroundings with beautiful hand painted chalk designs. We learned these designs signify a welcome to guests, the divine spirits and good fortune. Inspired, we created our first collection of Yogini Mandalas.


               OUR MISSION

Is to Ignite your imagination, and help you invite blessings into your home. Our range of reusable Yogini Mandala stencils can be used outdoors or indoors with permanent paint or removable chalk spray for semi permanent applications. Available in a range of sizes their use is limited only by your imagination. You can use them to adorn your walls, floors, furniture and fabrics to invite love, peace, happiness and good fortune into your home and surrounds. Inspire your inner creativity, ignite your imagination and invite the beauty of Yogini Mandalas into your life. We hope you love using them as much as we do.